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What is Koobrik?

  • An advanced databasing system for the creative industries.
  • We take different formats of creative data and incorporate them into unified databases.
  • We build efficiency tools on top of that creative data powered by the most advanced new technologies available.
  • Koobrik is YOUR institutional memory living on YOUR servers.
  • Koobrik is a tool to triage your stack so you can make more effective choices about what to read next.
  • Koobrik is a tool for finding scripts or projects that have been passed over or forgotten, giving new life to old dreams.

What Koobrik is NOT…

  • Koobrik is not a replacement for reading a script.
  • Koobrik is not a tool for writing a script.
  • Koobrik does not tell you what projects to make and what projects to pass on.
  • Koobrik is respectful of your intellectual property and does not use your IP in any way that you do not explicitly approve.
  • Koobrik does not use any client’s data for the improvement of Koobrik’s services or it’s other client’s services.

How does Koobrik work?

Koobrik works with companies to organize their data so it is most useful to them. Taking advantage of new technologies in an ethical and respectful way.

Data Ingestion

Koobrik can ingest a wide variety of creative content formats including screenplays, teleplays, books, and articles; seamlessly incorporating them into a unified database. This allows for the centralization of materials, making it easier for creators and production teams to access and manage their projects.

Efficiency and Recall Tools

Koobrik's platform includes powerful search and recall features that enable users to quickly find specific elements within their content. Whether it's a particular line of dialogue, scene description, or character detail, Koobrik makes recalling these elements straightforward, saving valuable time in the development process.

Customizable Tagging and Categorization

Users can tag and categorize their content based on themes, characters, plot points, and more. This customizable approach allows for a highly organized and efficient way to manage large volumes of creative material, enabling quick access to relevant sections or themes.

Security and Data Protection

Understanding the sensitivity of creative content, Koobrik prioritizes the security and protection of user data. With robust encryption, access controls, and compliance with global data protection standards, users can trust that their intellectual property is safe and secure.

Scalability for Large Production Companies

Koobrik is designed to scale. Our cloud based infrastructure ensures that as your project grows, Koobrik can handle the increased data load without compromising performance.

What are the benefits of using Koobrik?

Koobrik offers a suite of benefits designed to revolutionize how creative content, from screenplays and books, to contracts and beyond, is managed and discovered. By focusing on building efficiency tools atop a robust data schema, Koobrik ensures that creative works and their creators are given the attention they deserve, streamlining production processes and safeguarding against common industry pitfalls.

Koobrik saves all of your data entry time, freeing your team to get on with the process of making people’s creative dreams a reality.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Koobrik's powerful search tools allow for quick discovery of scripts and other creative content within its database. This enables users to find exactly what they're looking for, whether it's based on themes, character types, plot elements, or specific dialogue.

Equal Opportunities for Discovery

Koobrik levels the playing field for creators by ensuring that every script has an equal chance of being discovered, regardless of when it was submitted or the current trends dominating the industry. This democratizes access to opportunities within the creative fields.

Custom Categorization and Archiving

Users can tag and categorize their content, making it even easier to organize and retrieve. This level of customization ensures that content can be grouped in ways that are meaningful to the user, facilitating efficient management and use.

Automated Content Analysis

The platform's ability to automatically analyze content for structural and thematic elements helps streamline the editing and development process. This means less time spent on manual analysis and more time for creative enhancement.

Database Permanence

Once a script is uploaded to Koobrik, it becomes a part of a company’s institutional memory database. This ensures that no script—or creator—is overlooked because of staff turnover, mismanagement, or prioritization of more urgent tasks. Every piece of content is stored securely and remains accessible and discoverable.

Data Security and Backup

Users can rest assured that their creative works are not only remembered but also protected. The platform's robust security measures safeguard against data loss, ensuring that valuable creative content is preserved for future discovery and use.

What technology does Koobrik use?

Koobrik uses a combination of advanced tools to break down, database and categorize the elements of a piece of creativity.

  • Koobrik uses classifiers like Google’s BERT model, AWS’s Comprehend, and Python’s NLTK library to identify characters, props, locations, vehicles etc.
  • Koobrik uses embeddings models to allow client data to be searched semantically.
  • Koobrik uses large language models (LLMs) to assist in plot summarizations, character breakdowns, etc.
    • Koobrik does not use client IP or unauthorized copyrighted material to train its own models.
    • We are very cognizant that many LLMs have been trained on pirated intellectual property (e.g., the books3 corpus). At its inception, Koobrik brought in Dr. Jonathan Frankle as its AI advisor. Dr. Frankle, is a well-respected thought leader in the world of AI and the Chief Scientist (Neural Networks) at Databricks. The key reason we asked him to be an advisor is because he is on the forefront of ensuring LLMs are ethically trained and respect IP rights. For some time, he has been working on a new model that has endeavored to avoid any copyright material. This will be the first tool of its kind and a major step in the improvement of these models.
    • Because of our unique relationship with Dr Frankle, we are given advanced access to their new model which has allowed us to prepare and test our systems to be ready for it.
  • Koobrik uses multi-modal models like Google Gemini to classify visual data including video archive material, comic book material, and articles.

How do you protect the security of my data and my IP?

Koobrik works with its clients to make sure their data is safe and secure. If clients request that we host their data, we work with cloud providers like AWS, Google, Databricks, and Microsoft who offer several capabilities to support security and privacy requirements. These instances are in scope for common compliance standards such as Service and Organization Control (SOC), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) eligible, and we can use them in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), and FedRAMP High. They are in the scope of the SOC 1, 2, 3 reports, allowing us to gain insights into their security protocols. They demonstrate compliance through extensive third-party audits of their controls. They are CSA Security and Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) Level 2 certified, which validates the use of best practices and the security posture of their cloud offerings. With these services, our data and our client’s data cannot be used to improve the base models and is not shared with any model providers, which we think is CRUCIAL. We use Virtual Private links so we don’t have to expose our client’s data to internet traffic.

Where possible, we also work with various cloud providers to keep our clients’ data behind their own firewalls and security. In these scenarios, we would not have access to that data except when we are on location.

We like to keep our clients’ data where they want it, not where suits us. So, we are always open to discussing how to improve these systems in ways that make our clients most comfortable. We conduct security audits and only 4 people at our company have access to client material that is hosted on Koobrik’s servers.

Our advisors, investors, and partners DO NOT have access to client data.

How can Koobrik be used incorrectly and what do we do to mitigate any improper usage?

While Koobrik is designed to support and enhance the creative industries through data management and efficiency tools, like any powerful technology, it has the potential to be used in ways that are contrary to its intended purpose. Recognizing these possibilities is crucial in implementing safeguards and policies to prevent misuse. Here are potential negative uses and the measures Koobrik takes to prevent them:

Potential Negative Uses:

Executives Pretending They’ve Read Something They Haven’t

This isn’t new. This was around before Koobrik and it will be around after.

Preventative Measures: We work with clients to ensure Koobrik doesn’t do any more work than the client requests. We can make comments or loglines blank so that your staff must input that work to show they’ve read the script.

Bias in AI Recommendations

AI-powered features could inadvertently reinforce existing biases in content suggestions or analysis if not carefully monitored.

Preventative Measures: We work closely with clients to design custom systems & prompts that reflect their views and beliefs. We also have a weekly review of Koobrik’s outputs to identify and rectify any bias we identify.

Overreliance on Automated Recommendations

Users might become overly reliant on Koobrik's recommendations, leading to a reduction in critical thinking and creative input in decision-making processes.

Preventative Measures: Koobrik’s main role is to store and retrieve your data in the most efficient manner possible using cutting-edge technology. While there are some qualitative aspects to Koobrik’s summarizations and character breakdowns, we always emphasize to our clients that Koobrik was not meant to supplant human judgment. Further, we throttle Koobrik in various ways to ensure it only provides comment and scope our clients want.

What happens to my data if I decide to delete my account 
or remove my material from Koobrik?

If you want to remove your data or end your relationship with Koobrik, we will send you back your scripts and coverage and delete them from our cloud servers. It’s that simple.

If you decide to delete your account or remove any material from our platform, we adhere to the following protocol to ensure the secure and complete erasure of your data:

Immediate Removal from Visible Access

As soon as you request the deletion of your account or specific materials, these will be immediately removed from visible access on the platform within 24 hours.

Secure Data Deletion

Following the removal from visibility, we initiate a secure deletion process. Your data will be permanently erased using industry-standard methods that ensure it cannot be recovered or reconstructed. This process is in accordance with our data retention policy, which is designed to comply with legal requirements and best practices.

Confirmation of Deletion

Once the secure data deletion process is complete, we will send you a confirmation email. This serves as your assurance that your materials have been fully erased from our systems and that no residual data remains.

Compliance with Data Protection Laws

Our data deletion practices are designed to be fully compliant with global data protection laws such as the GDPR and CCPA. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of privacy and data security.