Data in Service of Dreams

Koobrik is a secure data management
system for the entertainment industry.

Koobrik does not affect, change or augment creative work in any way.
Our mission is to make the data of creativity accessible to those who need it.

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Script Coverage

The First. The Best. Koobrik’s script coverage far outpaces the competition.

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Submission Tracking

Track your scripts as they move into and out of your organization.

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Draft Comparison

Compare drafts of a script with our draft comparison tool.

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TV Season Tracking

Koobrik understands full seasons of television and is able to find events, and storylines across episodes.



We take security very seriously. Koobrik employs best in class security protocols.

The APIs we use are SOC and ISO compliant and HIPAA and FEDRAMP High Eligible.

Each client’s data is siloed and can never be used to improve the service of another client’s service.

We do not and will never make claims to our client’s data.



We are on the front lines of using these tools ethically for the entertainment industry.

Koobrik is built on the only foundational model that uses no unauthorized copyrighted training data. Koobrik’s model is fine tuned with materials Koobrik owns, has licensed, or are in fair use. 

We do not train on client data and will never engage in training a model for the creation of scripts.


Smart Storage

Koobrik is on the cutting edge of databasing and data storage.

Smart Storage™ is our patent-pending technical solution that’s leading the way in organizing data for the creative industries.


User Interface

Our simple interface allows for fluid, easy accessibility. This access is our promise: the great ideas you have instantly at your fingertips.

Koobrik empowers accessibility for your entire team, saving everyone huge amounts of time. Koobrik can make anyone on your team more knowledgeable and more effective.

There is a moment… 

…when you see a story so powerful that it changes you forever.
Koobrik exsists to serve those moments, and to ensure they keep coming. 

Koobrik is Data in Service of Dreams

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